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Arizona Marketing Job Industry

Marketing professionals can expect Arizona’s large marketing industry to grow steadily through 2018.  Managerial positions will grow modestly in coming years, yet still provide more opportunities than most regions.  The 3,317 marketing managers in 2008 are expected to 191 more positions by 2018.  Of the 90 openings annually, 19 will be created, while 71 will become available through workforce attrition.

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The 1,196 public relations managers employed in 1,196 in 2008 will add 67 more positions by 2018.  Seven of the 35 openings annually will be newly created, while the remainder will become available due to vacancy.

Arizona Job Statistics

  • Employed Marketing Managers: 3,317
  • Employed Market Research Analysts and Specialists: 4,610
  • Average Marketing Manager Salary in Arizona: $107,100
  • Arizona Average Market Research Analyst Salary: $68,070
  • The number of marketing manager jobs is expected to grow 5.8% by 2018
  • The number of market research analyst jobs is expected to grow 16.3% by 2018

While the number of managerial positions is expected to grow slightly, the number of non-managerial positions will grow much more rapidly.  A 16% increase in the number of market research analysts is expected by 2018.  The 4, 610 market research analysts working in Arizona in 2008 will add 750 more professionals to their ranks by 2018.  By 2018, 555 public relations specialists will be added to the present number of 4,125.

Arizona’s strong economy is expected to thrive in coming years, thereby supporting many new marketing businesses.  Between 2010 and 2011, Arizona’s gross state product grew 1.54%, making it the 19th ranked state for economic growth. (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)  According to Chase Financial Analysts, Arizona’s economy will burgeon far faster than the national average; Arizona’s economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2012, 3.3% in 2013, and 3.8% in 2014.  As the general economy of the state expands the number of employment and business opportunities for marketing professionals will multiply accordingly.

Phoenix is ranked 15th in largest metropolitan economies, with a gross metropolitan output of $190.6 billion in 2010.  Generating more than 70% of the entire state’s economic output, Phoenix is a major hub of financial activity in the southwest.  It is home to four of the state’s six Fortune 500 companies:  Avnet, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Republic Services and PetSmart.

Marketing Firms in Arizona

The presence of so many of the nation’s fastest growing marketing firms in Arizona reflects the rapid expansion of the marketing sector within the state.

  • Blue Global Media of Scottsdale earned $10.3 million in 2010, a 1,693% increase from 2007
  • Bluemedia of Tempe earned $7.4 million in 2010, a 45% increase from 2007
  • Commotion Promotions of Phoenix earned $8.9 million in 2010, a 33% increase from 2007
  • Higher Power Marketing of Phoenix earned $3 million in 2010, a 46% increase from 2007
  • LeadPile of Phoenix earned $13.1 million in 2010, a 115% increase from 2007
  • Sherri May & Company of Phoenix earned $4.7 million in 2010, a 64% increase from 2007
  • Terralever of Tempe earned $5 million in 2010, a 95% increase from 2007
  • The Lavidge Company of Phoenix earned $71.7 million in 2010, a 24% increase from 2007
  • VERGO Interactive of Scottsdale earned $2.5 million in 2010, a 617% increase from 2007


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Marketing Salaries in Arizona

Marketing professionals earned considerably more than the majority of workers in Arizona.  Marketing managers earned, on average, $107,100 in 2010, or $64,409 more than the median wage of all Arizona residents. Market research analysts and marketing specialists earned $25,379 more than the median Arizona income, or $68,070 in 2010.

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Advertising and Promotions Manager Salary

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 490 advertising and promotions managers working in Arizona during 2011. Their average statewide salary was $91,730, though the average salary in the Tucson area was about 22% higher at $117,660. Those in the top ten percent averaged significantly more at $152,590.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale AZ
Tucson AZ

Market Research Analyst Salary

During 2011, there were 6,550 market research analysts and marketing specialists working in Arizona, the majority of which were employed in Phoenix, Mesa, and Glendale. There was an average salary among them of $68,070. Those in the top ten percent averaged nearly 44% more at $120,920 on average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Flagstaff AZ
Lake Havasu City - Kingman AZ
Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale AZ
Prescott AZ
Tucson AZ
Yuma AZ
North Arizona nonmetropolitan area
Southeast Arizona nonmetropolitan area
Estimate Not Released

Marketing Managers Salary

During 2011, there were 2,880 marketing managers working in Arizona, the majority of which worked in the Mesa, Glendale, and Phoenix areas. There was an average salary among them of $107,100. Those in the top ten percent averaged nearly 35% more at $164,020 on average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale AZ
Prescott AZ
Tucson AZ

These tables provide salary and employment information compiled by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011. The data contained herein does not include self-employed marketing professionals.

* These figures represent earnings that are at or above $90.00 per hour or $187,199 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish earnings beyond $90.00 hourly or $187,199 yearly.

Marketing Degrees in Arizona

There are 117 collegiate educational institutions in Arizona.  Of these 34 only offer Associate’s degrees, while 20 only offer Bachelor’s degree programs.  Eleven universities possess Master’s level programs, and fourteen possess doctoral programs.

Managerial positions in the marketing sector require a Bachelor’s degree or higher and related work experience.

Non-managerial positions usually require at least a Bachelor’s degree in a marketing related field.
Among the great public and private colleges in Arizona are many online and campus-based schools offering marketing programs. Here is a list of a few that might meet your educational criteria in Arizona: