Email Marketing Gains New Popularity with Mobile Devices

Though email has existed for more than 50 years now and is the oldest style of online communication, it is still an effective tool for marketing.

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have led to a rebirth in the popularity of email marketing because they allow the user instant access to email on the go. To effectively utilize the benefits of email marketing campaigns, it is important to incorporate the following three things:

  1. Preheader Text: The preheader text plays an important role in catching the attention of the targeted audience. Using effective wording in the preheader text can increase the open rate of the emails. Viewers spend an average of 3-4 seconds scanning emails and this text will determine if your email gets opened. To create a successful preheader, use descriptions that will create urgency and give the user an incentive to open it.

    The competition is endless and consumers receive anywhere from dozens to hundreds of marketing emails per day, so making your email standout is imperative.

  1. Mobile Responsive: Mobile responsive emails adjust to comply with whatever type of device is being used to open it. These emails are easier to read because there is no squinting or zooming to read the text. More than half of emails are now opened through a mobile device so mobile responsiveness is a must in any industry.

    Be sure to include call to action links in the email to retain interest.

  1. Optimize Images for High Resolution Displays: Flawed images are often a sure way to have your email closed before it is fully read. High resolution (HD) displays allow emails to be pleasing to the eye, keeping the attention of the targeted audience.