Who is Better in Marketing – Introverts or Extroverts?

It is easy to believe when it comes to success in the world of marketing that extroverts would be the clear winners over introverts. Extroverts find it easier to participate in the essential tasks that lead to success such as networking and forming relationships. So, how can an introvert get a fair shake in an industry that is overflowing with extroverts?

Recently over 1,000 marketing professionals were surveyed to determine which personality traits they had and if those traits were considered an advantage or a disadvantage in their career. The majority of the respondents considered themselves extroverts with 91% saying that they like to meet new people and 74% saying that social interactions energize them.

Surprisingly though, a large number of respondents, including those who considered themselves to be extroverts, admitted that they favored individual activities over group activities. Additionally, many extroverts also said that they need time to “de-charge” after participating in a social event. Some respondents said that they considered themselves an extrovert at work but an introvert at home while others felt that they fell somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

So which, if any group, has the advantage? It seems that both groups have advantages when it comes to a career in marketing. While an outgoing personality often leads to greater networking possibilities, a quieter personality is often a better listener. One respondent pointed out that she is “often listened to just a little bit more since I don’t usually speak unless I have something important to say.”

Overall, introverts and extroverts can be equally successful in the marketing field. Extroverts need to be given the chance to speak and introverts need to have a quiet place to work. Success comes from understanding which personality type you are and knowing what your needs are to perform at your best.