Using Marketing Skills to Find Employment

With the uptick in employment, marketing careers are also seeing a steady rise. A recent poll conducted by showed that up to 50% of openings are sales-related and 41% are marketing related. Communication and social skills are vital to landing one of these positions.

It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know as well and this is especially true in sales and marketing. Referrals account for 60% of job candidates according to a 2014 social recruiting survey. Marketing yourself should be your first priority. If you have not established these connections, the first step in doing so is to begin networking.

Networking events are held regularly in communities and are a great first step in getting your name out there. Be sure to have a plan when attending these events so when those contacts are made, you are able to make the most of them. If you are not in the field you want to be in, let people know what your goals are because you never know when you’ll meet someone who can help you achieve them.

Social media is another way to get your professional experience out to potential employers. Surveys show that 73% of recruiters obtain their job candidates via social media and 93% say that they review social profiles of candidates before hiring.

Establishing LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts is now the next best way to network when it can’t be done in person. Be sure that your posts are appropriate and refrain from using profanity or other lewd comments that can turn away a potential employer.

Follow-up. As a sales and marketing professional, follow-up is an important aspect of your career. This begins before you even find your first job. As your networking and social media presence grows, it is important to follow-up on leads and potential important connections. The typical window should be within 24 hours of initial contact while the person still remembers you.

Flexing these skills when searching for a sales or marketing job will prepare you to use these very skills effectively once you are working in the field.

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