A Mini-Guide to Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing in this second decade of the new millennium, it is impossible to ignore social media and expect to stay competitive in just about any industry. Social media has become a staple of modern life around the world in general and in industrialized societies in particular and a major part of that is the consumer element that has become integral to global business and commerce.

Entrepreneurs, particularly those who are in the initial stages of establishing their businesses, are well-advised to take certain things into consideration when developing a social media marketing plan.

Determine Minimum Viable Platforms and Most Valuable Platforms (Your MVPs)

There are a plethora of social media sites that can be useful for internet marketing efforts but not all of them are the right platforms for all businesses. Trying to maintain a social media presence across every single available platform is not only a near impossible task, it is also counterproductive. The idea is to choose only the most important platforms that can help your business grow and in that regard, less is sometimes more.

Finding the social media sites that work best for your marketing plan (the most valuable platforms) and narrowing them down to the two or three that suit your needs most closely (the most viable platforms) will help boost your business in both the short and long terms.

Maintain Consistency

Once you have determined your best platforms you will need to establish a posting schedule that works best for your business. Marketing is largely about timing, and scheduling your social media posts according to a consistent schedule can be the difference between better brand awareness and none at all.

Developing a keen understanding of this concept is critical to building a strong online presence and maximizing the full marketing potential of social media for your business.