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Virginia Marketing Job Industry

Marketing jobs are a rapidly expanding part of Virginia’s jobs market. A recent search of jobs in the state found 7,700 available positions in marketing and advertising, over 1,220 of which were marketing director positions.

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Virginia-based marketing and advertising businesses are growing at a brisk pace. Many of the largest and most rapidly expanding firms in the country make Virginia their headquarters:

  • CSG Designs has increased its revenues over a three-year period by 18% to reach $2 million in 2011
  • Customer Magnetism had a 101% revenue increase over the same period, bringing in $2.4 million last year
  • Impressions in Print has increased profits 60% to hit $4.3 million last year
  • Marcom Group made $6.2 million and increased profits by 237%
  • Modea increased profits by an astounding 643% to bring in 4.3 million last year
Virginia Job Statistics

  • Employed Marketing Managers: 4,219
  • Employed Market Research Analysts and Specialists: 5,372
  • Virginia Average Marketing Manager Salary: $138,166
  • Virginia Average Market Research Analyst Salary: $87,000
  • A degree is required for 94% of market research analyst & specialist jobs
  • A degree is required for 99% of marketing manager jobs

Overall the marketing profession in Virginia is defying the contraction or slow growth that is occurring nationally. In 2009, Virginia was ranked ninth out of the fifty states in terms of Gross Domestic Product, with $408 billion, and has been steadily climbing in the ranks since 2000. With over 280,000 high tech jobs, Virginia is fourth in the nation for high tech positions and has the highest percentage of technology related workers according to TechAmerica Foundation’s Cyberstates 2011. The Virginia Employment Commission show’s Virginia’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate stayed at 5.6 percent in May. That’s 0.6 percentage points lower than a year ago, and is considerably lower than the national unemployment rate of 8.2%.

Because of Virginia’s pro-business environment and its proximity to Washington D.C., the state is home to more than 70 corporate headquarters which produce more than $500 million in revenue annually. The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is home to many biotechnology and defense industry companies and is one of the most affluent in the nation. The presence of so many important corporate centers provides opportunities in the area of marketing that are not available in the rest of the nation.

There is hardly a state in the country that can compare in terms of employment opportunities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for business related professionals has steadily increased from December of 2011 to May of 2012. The approximate number of business professionals rose from 664,000 to 668,000.

The vibrant economy of Virginia promises that job opportunities in almost any sector will multiply.  According to the US Census Bureau, there were 638,643 firms in Virginia in 2007. Retail sales totaled $106 billion, with $92 billion in manufacturer shipments. The accommodation, food services and sales sector produced a total of $15 billion in revenue in 2007. The diverse industries thriving in and around Virginia have one thing in common: huge marketing and advertising budgets.

Marketing Firms in Virginia

Virginia is home to branches of two national advertising firms that draw in between $50 million and $500 million in revenue annually.

  • Arnold Worldwide 1600 International Drive # 300, Mclean VA
  • Northrop Grumman Info Tech 4805 Stonecroft Boulevard, Chantilly VA

There are also two advertising firms that produce between $50million and $500 million in annual revenue headquartered in Virginia.

  • LM&O Advertising  2000 14th Street N # 300, Arlington VA
  • Media General, Inc  333 E Franklin Street, Richmond VA

Professional Associations

The Richmond chapter of the American Marketing Association has over 300 members and can be reached at (804) 427-6982.

The Washington chapter of the AMA has over 900 members that serve the Washington metropolitan area.  Their phone number is (703) 683-4883

The Central Virginia AMA serves the marketing community in central and western Virginia and may be contacted by phone at 888-231-3175.

The Sales and Marketing Executives International Hampton Roads chapter serves the commonwealth of Virginia and can be reached at (312) 893-0751

Advertising and Promotions Manager Salary

In 2011, a total of 370 advertising and promotions managers were employed throughout Virginia. The average salary among them was $96,850, which was an average of $46.56 per hour. The highest paid were those in the 90th percentile, averaging $158,640, which was about 39% more than the state’s baseline average.

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Market Research Analyst Salary

In 2011, a total of 10,890 market research analysts and marketing specialists were employed throughout Virginia. The average salary among them was $68,630, which was an average of $33.00 per hour. The highest paid were those in the 90th percentile, averaging $119,150, which was about 42% higher than the state’s overall average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford VA
Charlottesville VA
Harrisonburg VA
Lynchburg VA
Richmond VA
Roanoke VA
Winchester VA-WV
Southwestern Virginia nonmetropolitan area
Southside Virginia nonmetropolitan area
Northeastern Virginia nonmetropolitan area
Northwestern Virginia nonmetropolitan area

Marketing Managers Salary

In 2011, a total of 4,180 marketing managers were employed throughout Virginia. They had an average salary of $142,100, which was equal to an average of $68.32 per hour. The highest paid were those in the 90th percentile, averaging more than $187,199.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford VA
Charlottesville VA
Lynchburg VA
Richmond VA
Roanoke VA
Winchester VA-WV
Southwestern Virginia nonmetropolitan area

These tables provide salary and employment information compiled by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011. The data contained herein does not include self-employed marketing professionals.

* These figures represent earnings that are at or above $90.00 per hour or $187,199 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish earnings beyond $90.00 hourly or $187,199 yearly.

Marketing Degrees in Virginia

The universities of Virginia that prepare students for the challenges of working in the marketing field collaborate closely with the marketing business community to provide invaluable opportunities like internships, business networking and job search resources. There are currently four universities in Virginia that possess accredited degree programs in marketing. These educational institutions provide undergraduate and graduate degrees in a variety of marketing related fields.

Among the great public and private colleges in Virginia are many online and campus-based schools offering marketing programs. Here is a list of a few that might meet your educational criteria in Virginia: