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Rhode Island Marketing Job Industry

Although Rhode Island may be the smallest state geographically, it supports a disproportionately large business sector. Professional, scientific and technical services positions are expected to grow by 29.3% by 2018.

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Growth in marketing positions will mirror expansion in the wider professional sector.  The 938 marketing manager positions in 2008 in the state are expected to increase by 15.46% to 1,083 by 2018.  The RI Department of Labor and Training predicts 15 marketing manager positions created annually, with 21 positions becoming vacated annually and requiring replacements. 

Rhode Island Job Statistics

  • Employed Marketing Managers: 938
  • Employed Market Research Analysts and Specialists: 760
  • Rhode Island Average Marketing Manager Salary: $101,200
  • Rhode Island Average Market Research Analyst Salary: $67,00
  • The number of marketing manager jobs is expected to grow 15.46% by 2018
  • The number of market research analyst jobs is expected to grow 27% by 2018

Public relations managers numbered 311 in 2008, and are expected to number 353 in 2018, a 13.5% growth in positions available.  Eleven openings in public relations managerial positions are forecast with an estimated four new job creations and seven replacement positions opening annually.

Positions in non-managerial positions will experience tremendous growth in the next few years.  Market research analyst positions numbered 300 in 2008, but are expected to grow 27% to 381 by 2018.  The RIDLT projects 81 new market research analyst positions being created annually, with 20 positions opening to replacement per year.

The financial services sector is an enormously important segment of the Rhode Island economy and one extremely dependent on marketing.  In 2006, financial services contributed $5.6 billion to the economy, which constituted 11.6% of gross state product.  This is a significant jump above the national average of 7.8%. The finance and insurance industry contribution to the gross state product was the sixth highest percentage of any state. The financial services professional earns $58,417 on average annually, a 51% premium over all other industries. The considerable income and cash reserves in financial services will promote marketing activities in coming years.(Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation)

Despite a small economic footprint, Rhode Island is home to a number of important companies.  Two  Fortune 500 companies, CVS Caremark of Woonsocket  and Textron of Providence, are headquartered in the state. Six other Fortune 1000 companies are found in Rhode Island: FM Global, GTECH Corporation, Hasbro, American Power Conversion, Nortek, and Amica Mutual Insurance.

Providence is New England’s third most populous city.  Employment in the city is dominated by health care, education and financial services.  Four of the top ten employers in the city are Rhode Island Hospital, Women & Infants Hospital, Miriam Hospital and Roger Williams Medical Center.  Bank of America is the third largest employer, while Citizens Bank, which is the 15th largest bank nationally is headquartered in Providence and is its seventh largest employer.  There are 37,200 financial industry employees, 60,900 professional services employees, and 106,900 health services and educational employees in the city.

Marketing Firms in Rhode Island

There are 138 marketing firms located in Rhode Island.  Some of the largest and most prestigious firms include

  • Duffy & Shanley, Inc., Providence
  • Chafee & Partners Inc., Barrington
  • Trainor Wendell Iamele, Inc., East Providence
  • (add)ventures, Providence
  • Catalyst Inc., Providence

Professional Associations

Marketing Salaries in Rhode Island

Marketing managers in Rhode Island earned on average $101,200 annually.  Market research analysts and marketing specialists earned $67,000 on average.

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Advertising and Promotions Manager Salary

As of 2011, there were 90 advertising and promotions managers employed throughout Rhode Island, which was an average hourly rate of $40.63. The statewide average among them was $84,500. Those in the top ten percent averaged $32,470 more per year at $116,970 on average.

Market Research Analyst Salary

As of 2011, there were 760 market research analysts and marketing specialists employed throughout Rhode Island, the majority of which worked in Providence and Warwick. The statewide average salary among them was $67,000. Those in the top ten percent averaged $33,540 more per year at $100,540 on average.

Marketing Managers Salary

As of 2011, there were 700 marketing managers employed throughout Rhode Island, the majority of which worked in the Warwick and Providence areas. The statewide average salary among them was $101,200. Those in the top ten percent averaged $61,710 more per year at $162,910 on average.

Marketing Degrees in Rhode Island

There 23 colleges in Rhode Island.  Two colleges have degree programs that grant only Associate’s degrees. One college offers up to a Bachelor’s degree. Four universities have programs that offer up to a Master’s degree. Six universities have degree programs that offer a doctorate.

According to the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, marketing manager positions require at least a Bachelor’s degree and one to five years of work experience.  Market research analyst positions require at least a Bachelor’s degree, and many of these positions give preference to applicants with a Master’s degree.

Among the great public and private colleges in Rhode Island are many online and campus-based schools offering marketing programs. Here is a list of a few that might meet your educational criteria in Rhode Island: