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Oklahoma Marketing Job Industry

Oklahoma’s state economy is healthier than most others in the nation. This is attributed largely to the strength of the state’s oil and gas industry. Even with one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates, the state continues to add jobs at a rate almost 4 times faster than the national average, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Chamber Foundation.

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The energy sector, which spends more collectively on marketing and advertising than any other industry, accounts for much of Oklahoma’s robust economic growth and drives much of the marketing and advertising business in the state.

Oklahoma Job Statistics

  • Employed Marketing Managers: 1,350
  • Employed Market Research Analysts and Specialists: 1,700
  • Oklahoma Average Marketing Manager Salary: : $85,420
  • Oklahoma Average Market Research Analyst Salary: : $53,890

Oklahoma’s Department of Commerce is focused on creating and implementing a comprehensive workforce development system to support the state’s economic development and continued growth. With programs geared toward the long-term success of the state, Oklahoma is an attractive location for many large companies.

There are currently four Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Oklahoma: Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy in Oklahoma City, and Oneok and Williams in Tulsa. These companies have some of the highest advertising and public relations budgets of any businesses operating in Oklahoma.

Whether its manufacturing or agriculture, aviation or energy, the state’s strong industries need support from skilled marketing professionals to promote products, strengthen brand recognition, forge connections and partnerships through business-to-business campaigns, and draw the attention of consumers.

Marketing Firms in Oklahoma

There are a number of marketing firms in Oklahoma to meet the demand of the state’s various industries. Among the top firms in the state in terms of both revenue and employees are:

  • Littlefield, Inc. (Tulsa)
  • Miller-Marek, Inc. (Oklahoma City)
  • Visual Image Media Consultants, Inc. (Oklahoma City)

Professional Associations

Marketing associations in Oklahoma work to educate and advance professionals in the field of marketing, while also providing a platform for networking within the industry. TheAmerican Marketing Association has chapters in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association supports businesses in the petroleum and convenience store sector, focusing particularly on the relationship between the industry and federal and state governments.

There are also associations that support the region’s tourism industries, such as the Green Country Marketing Association and the Frontier Marketing Association.

The OklahomaWholesale Marketers Association represents the interests of wholesalers, manufacturers and brokers involved in the distribution of consumer products.

The Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Association supports farmers and ranchers in the state.

Marketing Salaries in Oklahoma

Marketing professionals in the state are compensated significantly higher than the average salary of workers in the state as a whole. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1,350 marketing managers are employed and receive annual salaries that average $85,420.

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The state has 1,700 market research analysts and specialists who earn an average of about $54,000 per year, as of the Bureau’s 2011 survey.

Advertising and Promotions Manager Salary

As of 2011, there were 260 advertising and promotions managers employed in Oklahoma, most of which worked in the Tulsa area. Their average salary statewide was $63,790, which was an average hourly rate of $30.67. Those in the top ten percent averaged about $58,640 more, earning $122,430 on average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
Southeastern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Estimate Not Released

Market Research Analyst Salary

As of 2011, there were 1,700 market research analysts and marketing specialists employed in Oklahoma, most of which worked in Tulsa. Their average salary statewide was $53,980, which was an average hourly rate of $25.95. Those in the top ten percent averaged about $31,350 more, earning $85,330 on average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
Northeastern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Northwestern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Southwestern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Southeastern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area

Marketing Managers Salary

As of 2011, there were 1,350 marketing managers employed in Oklahoma, the majority of which held employment in Oklahoma City. Their average salary statewide was $85,420, which was an average hourly rate of $41.07. Those in the top ten percent averaged about $63,450 more, earning $148,870.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Oklahoma City OK
Tulsa OK
Northeastern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Northwestern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area
Southeastern Oklahoma nonmetropolitan area

These tables provide salary and employment information compiled by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011. The data contained herein does not include self-employed marketing professionals.

* These figures represent earnings that are at or above $90.00 per hour or $187,199 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish earnings beyond $90.00 hourly or $187,199 yearly.

Marketing Degrees in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is home to dozens of learning institutions offering degrees in marketing, from associate’s degrees to PhDs. The types of schools that include programs specific to marketing range from state and private universities to community colleges to online schools, which gives students hoping to enter the marketing field an array of options to choose from. Programs include degrees focusing on marketing management, advertising, brand management and market research, among other specialty areas of marketing.

Among the great public and private colleges in Oklahoma are many online and campus-based schools offering marketing programs. Here is a list of a few that might meet your educational criteria in Oklahoma: