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Nebraska Marketing Job Industry

Nebraska marketing professionals can expect brisk growth in their industry as evidenced by projections from the Nebraska Department of Labor.  The 836 marketing managers employed by Nebraska companies in 2008 are expected to add 142 more positions by 2018.  This 17.0% increase in the workforce should be incremented with 14 new positions created annually and 18 open positions annually due to workforce attrition. 

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Public relations managers numbered 690 in 2008 and should number 769 by 2018, a 11.45% increase.  Eight positions for this career should be created annually, with 16 positions opening annually due to vacancy.

Nebraska Job Statistics

  • Employed Marketing Managers: 836
  • Employed Market Research Analysts and Specialists: 2,720
  • Nebraska Average Marketing Manager Salary: $121,520
  • Nebraska Average Market Research Analyst Salary: $61,770
  • The number of marketing manager jobs is expected to grow 17.0% by 2018
  • The number of market research analyst jobs is expected to grow 31.3% by 2018

The expansion in the number of non-managerial jobs for marketing should far outpace that of executive positions.  Public relations specialists totaled 3,467 in 2008, and should reach 4,184 by 2018, a 20.7% increase.  Market research analyst positions are expected to grow an incredible 31.3% from 2,720 in 2008, to 3,570 by 2018.

Nebraska offers job opportunities and job security for marketing professionals that can’t be matched in any other state.  With an unemployment rate of 3.9% in May 20121, Nebraska leads the nation in putting its residents to work.  Nebraska research & development and engineering sectors grew 34.2% of its workforce between 2001 and 2007, compared to a national rate of 5.5%.  Transportation and logistics grew its workforce by 27.4% during the same period, far above the national rate of 3.3%.  The vibrant growth in these business sectors should fuel many marketing business ventures in the coming years.

Nebraska provides a number of quality of life benefits that complement its robust business environment.  Business Facilities magazine ranked Nebraska third in Best Quality of Life in 2011, and ranked Nebraska second in Happiest States in 2011.

Omaha produced $48 billion in gross metropolitan product in 2010 and ranked 52nd for largest U.S. metropolitan economies. Omaha is a globally important center for commerce and high finance.  Omaha is the headquarters of five Fortune 500 companies, including Berkshire Hathaway and Mutual of Omaha Insurance. Omaha is also considered a national hub for telecommunications services, which has contributed to a rapidly growing information technology industry.

Marketing Firms in Nebraska

Nebraska boasts some of the fastest growing marketing firms in the country.

  • Proforma Identity Marketing Group of Omaha earned $2.2 million in 2010, a 25% increase from 2007
  • Firespring of LIncoln earned $5.2 million in 2010, a 24% increase from 2007
  • Bailey Lauerman of Lincoln earned $9.7 million in 2010, a 10% increase from 2007
  • Beck Ag of Wayne earned $5.3 million in 2010, a 37% increase from 2007

Professional Associations

Marketing Salaries in Nebraska

Marketing is a very lucrative business field in Nebraska, with professionals in the industry earning considerably more than most Nebraska workers.  Marketing managers earned $121,520, on average for the year 2010, which was $81,900 more than the median Nebraska annual income.  Market research analysts and marketing specialists brought home, on average, $61,770 for the 2010 year, which was $22,200 more than the median annual income for Nebraska workers.

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Advertising and Promotions Manager Salary

As of 2011, there were 180 advertising and promotions managers working in Nebraska. The average salary among these managers was $77,530, while those in the top ten percent averaged 35.5% more at $120,300. One of the higher paying areas throughout the state was the Omaha area where they had an average of $85,840, which was roughly 10% higher than the statewide average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lincoln NE

Market Research Analyst Salary

As of 2011, there were 2,680 market research analysts and marketing specialists working in Nebraska. The average salary among them was $61,770, which was an average of $29.70 an hour. Those in the top ten percent averaged $100,010, which was roughly 38% more than the statewide average.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lincoln NE
Central Nebraska nonmetropolitan area
Northeastern Nebraska nonmetropolitan area
Southeastern Nebraska nonmetropolitan area

Marketing Managers Salary

As of 2011, there were 690 marketing managers working in Nebraska, the majority of which worked in the Omaha area. The average salary among them was $121,520, which was an average of $58.42 an hour. Those in the top ten percent averaged more than $187,199.

Area name
Annual mean wage
Lincoln NE
Central Nebraska nonmetropolitan area
Northeastern Nebraska nonmetropolitan area

These tables provide salary and employment information compiled by the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011. The data contained herein does not include self-employed marketing professionals.

* These figures represent earnings that are at or above $90.00 per hour or $187,199 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics does not publish earnings beyond $90.00 hourly or $187,199 yearly.

Marketing Degrees in Nebraska

Nebraska has six community colleges. There are six universities in the state that only offer Bachelor’s degrees.  Twelve universities offer up to a Master’s degree and six possess doctoral programs.

Management positions in the marketing profession commonly require a Bachelor’s degree or higher and related work experience. Non-executive positions typically require at least a Bachelor’s degree in a marketing related field.

Among the great public and private colleges in Nebraska are many online and campus-based schools offering marketing programs. Here is a list of a few that might meet your educational criteria in Nebraska: