When Looking For a Marketing Job, You Are the Product

Job-Seeking marketing professionals are often so used to marketing a service or a product that they tend to forget that they themselves are a marketable commodity. When searching for a new job or looking to get promoted, it is important to devise a marketing plan for yourself.

Do Your Homework – Thorough research of companies that you want to work for can aid in successfully landing the job you want. The research you do can even help in developing a cover letter specific to the company you’re applying to work for, and will be a huge help during the interview process.

Plug-in to social media. Websites like LinkedIn can help you network with other professionals while also keeping you up to date on current openings in your field.

Remember the BasicsWhen searching for a job, apply the basic marketing principles to yourself as follows:

  • You are the product.
  • Your resume is the promotion.
  • Your salary requirement is the price.

Promote You are the product. Promoting yourself is key in communicating your strengths and skillset.

  • Always include a cover letter highlighting your skills.
  • Keep your resume up to date.
  • Follow-up with prospective employers with a phone call.
  • Sharpen and hone your interview skills.

Get the Word OutWhile having top-notch credentials is always an important part of getting a job, sometimes it’s not enough. Take the time to get the word out to anyone and everyone – let the world know that you are searching for a new position. Use all the tools available to do this including:

  • Cold calls
  • Headhunters
  • Networking
  • Job search sites

Ask for What You WantWhen a potential employer asks about your salary requirements, don’t shortchange yourself. Know what you are worth and don’t be afraid to ask for it.