Seasoned CMO Named to Head Of Verizon’s Global Marketing

  1. Crew’s former chief marketing officer, Diego Scotti, has been named to the same executive position with Verizon Communications. Scotti’s duties with Verizon will begin on October 6 and will involve him spearheading all of the company’s marketing campaigns for their wireline and wireless business sectors.

Verizon has spent the last several quarters making a concerted effort to separate itself from its competitors in the business communications marketplace and establish itself as the leading provider of business communications solutions.

According to Verizon’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lowell McAdams, Scotti has an impeccable track record that has proven he has a tremendous talent for building brand loyalty and increasing company market share.

McAdams also stated that the communications industry is in the midst of some of the most dynamic and exciting changes and technological advances and that Scotti’s digital marketing savvy is exactly what Verizon needs in order to expand its leadership position from a marketing as well as an overall standpoint.

Scotti spent several years at Conde Nast overseeing the marketing efforts for a number of digital media brands before moving on to J. Crew. He began his executive marketing career with American Express where he worked in global advertising and brand management before being appointed the director of that department there.

Once he begins his tenure at Verizon next Monday, he will be in charge of several areas of Verizon’s brand management strategy such as creative development, media and sponsorships, social responsibility, digital marketing, and consumer insights.

In 2007, he was recognized by Advertising Age, a marketing industry publication, as one of the marketing industry’s “Top 40 Under 40” executives and in 2012 he was named an “Internationalist” by International Magazine, a global marketing honor that is only bestowed upon 21 people in the industry around the world each year.