Auto Marketers Looking for Even Bigger Ad Campaigns in 2015

When it comes to marketing, automakers are among the biggest spenders. And as expansive as the marketing budgets and campaigns have been for car companies, they are about to get even bigger.

A number of major auto brands have announced plans to increase their marketing expenditures substantially in 2015 to accommodate busier than normal model release schedules. Lincoln, Audi, and Chevrolet are among several companies whose representatives told an audience at the Automotive News Marketing Seminar in New York this week that they would be expanding their marketing campaigns during the coming year.

Audi’s ad campaigns have been the talk of the marketing world for the last 18 months in particular largely because of its high-profile ads that have run during major events like the Emmy Awards and the Super Bowl. The company also plans to broaden its traditional campaign platforms by implementing new digital marketing elements. Essentially Audi is looking to continue to go with what has been working with them in their television and print ads and expand that into digital media as well, a plan that will increase the company’s marketing budget by as much as 10 percent.

Chevrolet has plans in place to expand its marketing efforts as well, due in large part to the five vehicle launches that are expected in 2015. Lincoln, the luxury division of Ford Motor Company, is also looking to develop their brand with new product launches because, according to one of the marketing executives in attendance at the seminar, Lincoln has not been as competitive in recent years as it should have been.

Consequently, Lincoln is planning to make 2015 a year of marketing campaign expansion and new product launches that they hope will enhance the brand image. Interestingly, however, all three car makers are uncertain about whether or not they will buy ad space during the next Super Bowl primarily because their product launches are not temporally in line with the big game.

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