Former Disney Marketing Exec to Head Up Advertising Team at Nissan

Former Disney marketing executive Jeremy Tucker has been hired as the chief of US marketing for Nissan, despite the fact that he has absolutely no experience in the automotive industry.

Nissan recently made changes to its advertising approach by promising to implement unconventional means to market its brand. Nissan executives claimed that they had no qualms about adding Tucker to their ranks, stating that they needed to begin to make changes and “do things differently” in order to make the Nissan brand truly stand out among its competitors.

According to one exec, Tucker brings a fresh perspective on how advertising is done in other industries, which the company believes can apply to Nissan’s efforts to lead the automotive sector.

Tucker’s resume is an impressive one to be sure and includes stints with Disney as the company’s vice president for strategic marketing in their consumer products division, as well as at PepsiCo as a marketing executive and an account manager at Omnicom Group.

He has spearheaded strong campaigns for the likes of global brands such as Pampers, Iams pet food, and Doritos. His new position at Nissan will be as the company’s vice president of marketing communications and media and will commence on September 22nd.

The move is seen by Nissan as a way for the company to identify nontraditional ways of engaging current and potential customers and to enhance the voice of the brand. Such a strategy requires tremendous creativity and an eye for what works and what doesn’t across a variety of industries.

Having as diverse a marketing background as Tucker has is clearly seen as a boon to Nissan’s advertising and branding efforts and his experience in media, digital, and marketing communications is expected to translate well into Nissan’s new advertising approach.